9meter-IMG_1066Lieven Standaert was trained as an engineer in architecture at the University of Ghent, Belgium, then went on to study industrial design at IPO in Antwerp. The project grew as a manifesto for designer-driven innovation. It evolved into a story of a hands-on, experimental and pragmatic approach for building a radical, non-compromising concept.

Today a designer can create the most amazing CG renderings of the most fantastic concept he can think of. But how do you get a 90-meter , experimental, zero-emission, biomimicry airship actually built… if you’re only a single, young designer with a single, young-designer’s bank account?
Part of his answer is going one step at a time…

His models are currently on display at the Verbeke Foundation, Belgium. He is coordinating research projects with the Vrije Universiteit, Brussels, where he designed and built the new low-speed wind tunnel, and is developing custom-built CNC-tools with timelab, a Ghent-based fablab.
He wears a T-shirt with Buckminster’s face on it.