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The Aeromodeller II-project is a design for a zero-emission, autonomous, nomad  hydrogen-based airship that will never land.

The ship regenerates its fuel, creating hydrogen from wind power and the rain on its skin.
When it depletes its energy reserves, the ship needs to drop anchor and rest, in order to replenish its energy in a renewable way.

A thousand airbuses jumping back and forth over the ocean twenty-four-seven. Fly, land, replace crew and passengers and take off again.
A thousand machines using up their fuel reserves in a mad, insomniac frenzy.
Until they run out…

One thousand hyperactive passenger jets, and one airship that needs to rest when its energy level is low.
Just like everything else wandering around on this planet.

Design is looking at the world around you and saying ‘Not nearly good enough, let’s try something else.’





Lieven Standaert is the designer behind this project. He trained as an engineer in architecture  at the University of Ghent, Belgium,  and then went on to study industrial design at IPO in Antwerp.  The project was born as a manifesto for a designer-driven innovation, as opposed to one driven by a marketing department.  It evolved into a story of a hands-on, experimental and pragmatic approach to realize a radical, non-compromising concept.

Today the most amazing CG renderings of the most fantastic, utopian or megalomaniac design concepts can be created.
But how do you get a 90-meter , experimental, zero-emission, biomimicry airship actually built… if you’re only a single, young designer with a single, young-designer’s bank account?
Part of Lieven's answer is doing it one step at a time…

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Januari 5th 2013

Finished the main assembly of the new wind tunnel. I uploaded a couple of images to

Over the next months we will be resuming the tests with the models I had built with Maximillian last year.

Juli 6th 2013

The fablab-brussels website is online.. This workspace at Erasmushogeschool Brussels has been taking up much of my time the past year-and-a-half. I'm quite happy with how it is turning out and can finally show what we've been up to...
March 24th 2013

It's been way too long since I have updated this site, mainly because of some interesting collaborations taking on a life of their own.

I currently assist in running the Brussels fablab with a great team.2 days a week, just couldn't say no to that. It is growing into a really cool place.

Also, finally resumed work with Kurt on the big CNC at timelab, and finished it:

May 27th 2012

On June 24th opens the summer exhibition at the Verbeke Foundation

I'm currently installing a refilling system at the Verbeke Foundation, to be able to put the 9-meter-model on permanent display. It will be shown alongside a selection of smaller models.

Sep 10th 2011

Added some pictures of early test flights with the 120-model to the image gallery.

July 28th 2011

"Aeromodeller2, a work as poetical as it is ambitious and thought-provoking. "
Regine from we-make-money-not-art published an interview with Lieven. You can find it here:

July 24th 2011

Newsletter 13 got sent out. Additionally a short Q&A on the La Louvière exhibition was published here.

July 24th 2011

This Thuesday, July 26th Lieven can be heard on the morning program on RTBF radio, in a short interview on the 'Machines Improbables' exhibition.


July 19th 2011

This summer the' Aeromodeller2' 9-meter-model is being exhibited at the 'Artour' biennale in La Louvière, Belgium.
At Musée Ianchelevici, the 9-meter model is sharing an exhibition with Luc Schuiten, Panamarenko, Raphaël Opstaele, Frank Gryffroy en Didier Mahieu.

The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 14h to 18h. The adress is:
Musée Ianchelevici - Place Communale 7100 La Louvière
The exhibition runs until the 28th of August.

Musée Ianchelevici-

April 2nd 2011

As part of the CNC-project at timelab, Lieven developed a small CNC-mill. with Kurt Van Houtte. The machine is an open-source DIY kit, and will be presented on Friday April 15th at timelab, Ghent.
Entrance is free, we will demonstrate our new tool, and think it's a nice occasion to get a tour of the new lab. Hope to see you there.

For more information you can
download the flyer,
or go to

January 22nd 2011

Finally got around to editing some of the video from the ' Duurzame Filantropen' exhibition. You can find a short clip of the model at the Aeromodeller2-channel on Youtube. I met Theo Jansen the same day this clip was made. Meeting one of your heroes is nice. Having him compliment your work before you can say anything yourself is about as good as it gets...

Many thanks to Tim for all the support with the exhibition and the videos.

January 22nd 2011

The dutch-language site is currently in the process of being replaced by the english one you're reading now. Everything should be up and running by tomorrow. Two pages still need proof-reading. If you should encounter errors on this site, a quick shout is much appreciated.

January 2011

Lieven is continuing his collaboration with timelab in 2011 to develop a number of CNC-tools. The small opensource milling machine is in bèta-testing and will be presented at pixelache in March.
We're also starting work on a robotic tool-carrying tank.


December 18th 2010

Lieven sat in in on the jury presentation at the Bartlett, London,upon invitation from Enric Ruiz Geli's Unit. See Cloud9for Enric's fantastic and ambitious work.











Currently working on:

Windtunnel tests at Erasmus and building my own tunnel at the workshop in Antwerp

in collaboration with VUB, Brussels



Building & running the Brussels fablab at





Youtube: Flights


Youtube: Lecture outtakes